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​​ Infant Room

We provide a safe, loving enviroment. The room is furnished with swings, bouncy seats and age appropriate toys. We also provide a quite nursing room for moms.

​​One Year old Room​

Learn by Play. In our toddler room we focus on social and emotion needs. The toddlers learn finger songs, dancing, and social interaction and reaching a developmental milestone each day​.

​​​Two year old Room 

Time to Potty. We focus our curriculum around using the potty. We focus on achieving self-confidence and consistancy. We learn by play and encourage our two's to work together, be creative and most of all respect.

​​3 year old Room

Building self-cofidence. Our curriculum focus on being more self sufficient. Working on basic cutting skills, writing skills and learning about the world around them.

​ Pre-K Room

Kindergarten Readiness. Following the Arizona department of Eduacation guidelines we work on being prepared for kindergarten. Writing, reading, cutting, and social and emotional needs.

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